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You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. By Jassi Singh. There has never been a book like this with so much accuracy.

Conjunctions @ The Speed of Light

I have come across some conjunction books here in India but they were lacking substance. You have provided a total detailed surgical analysis of how to read conjunctions. I am in simply awe with your genuineness. I also love your title tags the speed of light, you have created a brand for yourself. You rock SRK Report as inappropriate.

By Shivani Tagie.

I was so shocked after reading my conjunctions of Mercury Mars and Venus per your degree method. You were to the point and so easily to understand. By Vinod Gupta. I specially like the chapter on hora it opened my eyes on how houses are effected. By David Scott. I have a story to tell. I was never into any kind of astrology until I watched a video by KRS on aliens and pyramids which intrigued me to click on his channel.

I saw his video on what is astrology and it just hit me to try digging deeper on this subject. I got his first book along side my horoscope. Since that day I have been a avid follower of his channel. I believe in astrology. This book is no different. All my 3 conjunctions were defined and refined perfectly.

You are a special soul my friend. Thank you enlightening all of us. By Sachin malhotra. You are the greatest sir. I have been reading your book since 4 am and i am so proud to be alive. No book or article ever described the methodology of reading a conjunction like you did. I am honored to be a biggest fan and followers and wish you mush success. You are the new age prashara who has reincarnated himself in you.

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Your notification has been sent Lulu Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement. Due to the extreme amount of emails I get please only ask 1 post consultation question by following direction from my auto email. Due to the enormous amount of emails that I get on all my email avenues please ask me all post consultation questions a head of time while sending your information so this way you are not waiting for answers and being frustrated and I am not lagging behind. This way both you and I will be calm and happy. Everything mentioned below will come on the 25th day including PDF report.

Cosmic Insights - Nakshatras Book by Dr. Arjun Pai

This is not a horoscope match so please do not send details of your partner. You will get a minute of audio from me about your relationship timing and if current mahadasha is showing relationship.

Mahadashas @ the speed of light release party for astrology world (NOW AVAILABLE)

Things included:. Astrology PDF Full report. You will get an auto email from me explaining the exact procedure of how and when you will get your consultation. Please look out for the auto email in your inbox or spam folder.

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Do not send repeated emails about where you reading is as It will push you down the que, once you send your details wait 30 days to email and ask for the reading. But I always come across all readings no matter what so please be patient. Please give 25 days for this particular report delivery due to me looking over your chart personally. Do not send order through my webiste contact section; they will be lost. Use the email address as advised.

Career Consultation. Expires After I get 7 for the week. Let me know what profession you're in which will also help me for my statistical analysis. If you have a profession you are thinking of switching to let me know so I can see with Prashna and other techniques if that career is possible.


Mainly in this consultation I am going to show you your Dharma and Artha as in what is the constitution of your soul what is the path of your soul in this life regardless of what you may want and how its walking on that path, then we will discuss the Artha which is substances, how you make your money and provide for yourself. This is a unique concept of Nakshatras I use. Please only write no more than lines regarding your career,. Everything mentioned below will come on the 27th day including PDF report and books so please do not keep eamiling me about where are the books and report.


You will get a minute mp3 audio from me about your career paths and how current time periods are bringing opportunities for you. Things included digital format:. But I always come across all readings on time no matter what so please be patient. Follow instructions below after purchase:. Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

Download Astrology Books in PDF – English for Free | Vedic Astro - Power of KP Astrology

A reading that will show you the hidden you, the hidden character of people in your life and who they are to the most accurate script of the cosmos The Nakshatras. As Nakshatra fully activate by age of 28 and some by 36, 42 and This is not a full consultation. This is a reading where we will discuss your Naksahtras and how they are operating in your life. We will look at each planet see how the theme of the Nakshatra plays its script in your life including your Ascendant Nakshatra which is most important.

Nakshatras are the 27 constellation working behind the scenes of a zodiac sign which is the reason why two Aries or two Scorpio people do not think alike. Nakshatras are the real truth. We will look at the inside taints of your spouse, GF, BF, family members but each planet sitting in a naksahtra also brings about a certain situation and script in your life which develops who you are.

I have learned some key secrets about nakshatras from my Nakshatra Gurus from Pai Team and want to share them and show them to you. When excellent insights in a chart comes out, it's only due to Nakshatra and not the zodiac sign. They show your path of the soul, money, desire and fulfillment. Please do not tell me anything about you or your life. I should be able to decipher your life with the Naksahtra instead of you telling me.

I get too many people telling me everything before hand which defeats the purpose of the reading and makes it less charming. Do let me know how many siblings you have, if you're parents are alive, children etc Only looking for 3 readings at this time:. Everything mentioned below will come on 27th day including PDF report. Things included in digital format:. AstrologyKRS magazine included. I am not sure how long the reading will be, estimate: Minute audio on your Nakshatras.

Do not send repeated emails about where you reading is as It will push you down the que if using same email address, once you send your details wait 30 days to email and ask for the reading. Please give 27 days for this particular report delivery due to me looking over your chart personally. Pai Paddathi Tribhagi Dasha Reading. Expires After I get 3 readings for the week. This is a concept which I have discussed 2 years ago on Youtube about how this period dasha becomes simply most accurate when seeing how things will happen and what will occur doing the cycle especially from the perspective of the Nakshatra which are the most powerful sky point vs.

I will show you how your currently dasha is operating and are the themes you will experience during this time.