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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is very accurate and insightful. My Black Moon Lilith is also in Gemini, ruled by the 5th house, one degree conjunct Chiron and 2 degree sextile with Venus. I find that strangers often tell me about their own past sexual trauma usually childhood and I am able to offer them healing advice, which I attribute to the Chiron and Venus aspects.

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Lilith in the Birth Chart

Lilith in the 3rd House. Lilith in the 4th House. Lilith in the 7th House. Lilith in the 2nd House. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. The comment form collects your name, email and content to allow us keep track of the comments placed on the website. Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. They may feel wrong if they are expressing jealousy or possessiveness, attachment, etc.

Lack of self-acceptance in these areas can lead to extremes of behavior that exacerbate the problem. Empowering themselves involves working on accepting these qualities.

Lilith in the 8th House

This can also apply to Lilith in the eighth house. They may feel uncomfortable around people who are expressing these Sagittarian traits, not quite trusting them. However, when feeling stressed, they can go to extremes in these areas. This can also apply to Lilith in the ninth house. Lilith in Capricorn has felt ashamed or otherwise wrong for their desire to excel, succeed, or reach for worldly goals and ambitions, and they may feel uncomfortable around people who seem materialistic, status-conscious, or particularly business-minded and practical or ambitious.

On the other hand, if they feel uncomfortable with these things, they can go to extremes in these areas and then feel badly afterward. The path to empowerment is self-acceptance and moderation.

This can also apply to Lilith in the tenth house. Lilith in Aquarius has felt ashamed or off for wanting to be part of a group, team, or community — for being one of the crowd — and can feel quite wary of people who seem to need these things. The answer is not to reject these basic needs since this can result in binging and purging on a social level—going all-out, feeling bad about it, hiding away, and then repeating the cycle again.

Self-acceptance can help empower them and put an end to extremes of behavior in these areas. This can also apply to Lilith in the eleventh house. Lilith in Pisces has felt ashamed or off for being needy, compassionate, or wishy-washy, or for their spiritual side, and this person can feel uncomfortable or annoyed with people who resist labels, who are not very assertive or ready to take the lead.

Rejecting or feeling ashamed of their basic needs in these areas can lead to extremes of behavior and repeated cycles of binging and purging with these traits. The key to moderation and empowerment is self-acceptance. This can also apply to Lilith in the twelfth house. However, with certain planets or points posited in signs and houses, we may feel more—or less—natural about the associated traits.

Saturn is the biggest indicator of traits that we feel uncomfortable with, and Lilith is another such indicator — less so but still very revealing. The key to resolving these issues is to accept and face them and then finding ways to integrate these traits in palatable ways in our lives. No, not explicitly. For example, there can be domination themes with Lilith in Aries or Libra, ownership issues with Lilith in Taurus and Scorpio, and so forth.

Suggested Further Reading:. In a love relationship, you may be exaggeratedly jealous. You may prioritize having a sense of ownership over your partner, rather than the spirituality of the union. Whatever your sun sign, whoever has Lilith in Cancer may suffer when it comes to sexual relationships. For example, you may end up having to marry someone just for having given them pleasure.

Lilith in Gemini

Recall that in antiquity, if a woman gave her body, marriage was mandatory. In private, the Cancer shyness disappears and the opposite effect can take place: you lose any moderation and inhibitions and you become daring. You may like to watch a striptease. Passion surrounds you to the point that it suffocates you, sometimes leading you to solitude in the middle of the best marriage. Sometimes, sexuality does not correspond to reality. Ask yourself what to do in order to free yourself from the burdens of the past or childhood. Think about what kind of family relationships would motivate you to the fullest.

With Lilith in Leo, you must learn where your creative abilities and your core essence reside. If you do not discover your true self, you may feel driven to seek attention or social recognition, or to act out exaggerated shows in order to make yourself noticed. The personality you express must be authentically yours, and not forced. If you have Black Moon Lilith in Leo, your love is centered on yourself. Psychologists call it narcissism. Both men and women seek to be honored for their beauty and physical appearance.

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You can cause disappointments by taking advantage of your partner and by not recognizing your sexual-emotional mistakes. There is a tendency to lie. If you become unfaithful, you will, out of pride, play the misunderstood victim when you know inwardly that you betrayed your partner.

Look for your own identity, without falling into the world of appearances. Focus your fire on what your passions really are. Do not look so much for recognition from others. Lilith in Virgo affects your daily activities. You will be one sided and likely fall to the extreme: either obsessive compulsive and perfectionist, or very messy. Lilith in Virgo can also give you a lucid expression of sexuality or, on the contrary, a repression of the instincts. You should develop your own ideas regarding health and the sense of discretion. If your Black Moon Lilith is in Virgo, you will notice that your way of loving is somewhat self-seeking.

That is to say that you give of yourself, with the condition that you can get some benefit from the relationship. It is not necessarily about money, although it does not exclude it. You may put material security above your desires.

Lilith in Gemini - What about the Truth

You choose a partner who does not bring problems, or more, one that resolves yours. Everything would indicate that you go in search of security. In terms of sexuality, you are able to achieve what set out for, and even hide your infidelities. You are quite dangerous since you can lose your head very easily, sexually-speaking. In the worst extreme case, your inhibitions will prevent you from developing your sexual life normally. Rather than endure sexual dissatisfaction, you would prefer to stay alone.

These inhibitions will affect your health. In the best case you could transform yourself into a meditative ascetic, but always regretting not finding your other half. You feel like a victim for finding yourself in inferior conditions. Your frustrations will be visible and difficult to solve. Not because they are too big of a problem, but because they are many simple little limitations that you impose on yourself. Do you want to be a perfectionist at work? Your main test will be in the area of personal relationships, ethics, and how you use your degree of magnetism or attraction.

What Does Lilith Mean in Astrology?

If your Black Moon works well, everything will go wonderfully in these matters. However, you can also be too uncompromising or perfectionist, especially with your partner and social relationships. On the other hand, you might believe that society or your partner demand too much from you.